MCR Needs Sidewalks for Safer Walkability

We all know that sidewalks are badly needed on Middle Country Road in Middle Island, Gordon Heights and Coram. The current patchwork is so daunting that most people give up and walk in the roadway even when some sidewalks are available! MICA participated in thee walk audits with Vision LI and AARP Long Island in the last 18 months. None was more important and challenging than the one along the intersection of RTs 25 and 21, where the missing 200 feet of sidewalk from the corner east to the bus stop in front of Middle Island Plaza is glaringly obvious.

LPL Director Lisa Jacobs designed this graphic showing the missing sidewalk; MICA sent it to our elected representatives.

Assemblyman Joe DeStefano’s office got some good news for us from NYS DOT — there IS a plan to add a sidewalk here, but not until 2025/26 at the earliest! It is the last part of a list under PIN 0ADA25:

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is pleased to inform you that we have a multi-location project in our current 5-year capital program (PIN 0ADA25), which includes the installation of sidewalk along the southeast quadrant of NYS Route 25 just east of Yaphank Middle Island Road. The bid opening is currently scheduled for the fall 2025 and construction beginning in early 2026. Please note, being that this is a multi-location project, the construction start date may vary among each location within this project.

“This project currently proposes to add/upgrade sidewalks at the following locations:

1. NY25 (Jericho Turnpike) from approximately 470 feet east of Old Indian Head Road to Harned Road in the Town of Smithtown, Suffolk County.

2. NY25A (Main Street/W. Broadway) from approximately 350 feet west of Van Brunt Manor Road to Washington Street in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County.

3. NY25 (Main Road) from approximately 480 feet east of Circle Drive to approximately 360 feet west of South Jamesport Avenue in the Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County.

4. NY25 (Middle Country Road) from the southeastern corner of the intersection of NY25 and County Road 21 (Yaphank Middle Island Road) to approximately 170 feet east of County Road 21 (Yaphank Middle Island Road) in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County.

Curb ramps are also proposed to be upgraded at these locations:

5. NY25 (Main Road) various locations in the Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County.

• Section 1 – NY25 – Engelke Ave to Rural Place, Suffolk County

• Section 2 – NY25 – Hemlock Ln to Astro Ave, Suffolk County

• Section 3 – NY25 – Wellington Rd to Birchwood Park Dr, Suffolk County

• Section 4 – NY25 – Mill Rd to Union Ave, Suffolk County

• Section 5 – NY25 – Herricks Ln to Bridge Ln, Suffolk County

• Section 6 – NY25 – Champlin Pl to Youngs Rd, Suffolk County

6. NY111 (Main Street) from Townline Road to NY25A (North Country Road) in the Towns of Islip and Smithtown, Suffolk County.

The project schedule is based on NYSDOT staffing and priorities as well as the need to follow the required federal process to scope, design and prepare the bid documents for the project.”

MICA was on hand on June 14, 2024 to congratulate the AARP Long Island Director, Staff & Voulnteers for its Smart Growth Award for Promoting Walkability. The video features our walk with AARP in September 19, 2023. Use the link below and scroll down to AARP WALKABILTY 9 to see us all in action.