Nicklan Truck Depot & Mini Storage Facility

Nicklan LLC is an important project proposed for the 16 acres  on  the southside of RT 25-Middle Country Rd at the traffic light with Swezey Lane.  It calls for the construction of a new mini-storage facility open to the public, which will be located closest to the entrance off 25, and a new truck maintenance facility and storage yard for the sand trucks that currently use the site daily. The popular Tom’s garage and car repair shop will continue in its present location at the southern end of the parcel; it will be repainted to match the color schemes of the new buildings. The proposal requires a Change of Zone, two variances and a special use permit.  The 8 acre eastern portions of the property will be retained in their natural state and deeded to the Town of Brookhaven as Open Space. Owners Stan Morabito and Nicholas Testa are looking to make the parcel safer. especially for  their Benimax truck drivers.  MICA wants the entire community to be safer, too!

Nicklan parcel outlines

Elevations.Storage Building A-2. 2

Elevation.Shop Building A-3. 2

NEW Nicklan Site Plan 5