Repaving NYS 25 – Our “Main Street”

Many thanks to the participants, organizers and hosts of our RT 25 Protest on Thursday, June 25, 2020. Scott and Holly Wood graciously allowed us to set up at the beloved Gray’s Hardware store. Town of Brookhaven amplified our voices and contacted some listening media folks. Coram, Gordon Heights, Middle Island and Ridge Civics united to decry the continued neglect of our Main Street. Longwood Firefighters described the dangers they and the people they rescue face every day on this decrepit asphalt. And Elected Officials told the truth: the DOT LIED to them — and to all of us! To the many supporters who wanted to be with us but couldn’t because of social distancing — thank you and don’t give up the fight. Keep calling Regional Director Richard B. Causin, P.E. (Acting) at (631) 952-6632 and the Regional Public Information Coordinator at 631-952-6929. View the press conference via the links below:
As evidenced by the protest held in Ridge on June 25,2020, the DOT has a huge credibility issue to address with the residents of Coram, Gordon Heights, Middle Island, Ridge and so many others who rely on NYRT25. We and our elected officials have been advocating for the resurfacing of this Main Street for many years — decades in fact.  The PIN 0810.03 was to address this in 2020 — as explained in the attached letter written by Mr. Murrell to SC Legislator Sarah Anker on April 8, 2019.  Legislator Anker provided the Middle Island Civic Association with a copy of this letter last spring, and it was reviewed at our May 16, 2019 MICA meeting. The letter clearly describes a  “resurfacing  project on NY State Route 25 running between Mount Sinai-Coram Road  to Wading River Manor Road which has been accelerated to a bid opening in early 2020. The project is scheduled to start construction in the spring of 2020.”  There is no mention of any other roadway in this letter. What changed?  How did we go from being on the top of the list to the bottom. Why?  And how was this change communicated to the parties involved?  It wasn’t — we had to learn of it through back channels, rumors and leaks.  What a disgrace. Who determines the order of events in a contract? Is it a collaboration with the contractor? We sincerely hope it is not at their sole discretion. How are they held accountable throughout the process? Did either the DOT or Posillico even consider how car centric our area is as opposed to Hillside Avenue?  We cannot walk to any stores, businesses, banks, restaurants or medical services, not the way so many Nassau County residents can. We must drive to the few services we have out here. A single, stand-alone bank remains on our 9-mile section of Rt 25. To get to it, drivers endure road conditions akin to a war zone. We lack walkability and complete streets in so many places along Rt 25 — how and by whom are these conditions factored into the decision making process, if at all? Why does the DOT continue to deal in multiple project contracts?  And why are they issued for such long time periods?  Shouldn’t these roadways have been bid separately, or limited to contractors who could work on them simultaneously? This is a $23 million contract. What assurances exist that there will be money available for our roadway, the longest of the three? The process used by DOT here is severely flawed  — it  begs for a total reconstruction of its own! Let’s conclude with our statement from Thursday’s protest: It’s ridiculous. It’s sad. It’s potentially tragic. It’s unacceptable. AND IT MUST BE CHANGED. Fasten your seat belts – we’re in for a bumpy ride.
DOT RT 25 Letter confirming 2020

In 2016, the most badly damaged section of Rt 25 in Middle Island was repaved from Arnold Drive to Rt 21.  This took years of lobbying and an emergency decree by Governor Cuomo.  MICA had the assistance of News12 and Newsday in covering this need.  But this repaving was only a small portion of what needs to be done.  Now, we have the Project Identification Number for the much larger repaving of Rt 25, from Coram-Mt Sinai Rd in Coram to Wading River MANOR Road in Calverton.  It is PIN 0810.03 – priority resurfacing.  It will be done in 2020!

Here is a screen shot of the NYSDOT page with the info about the 2020 repaving of Rt 25 from Coram-Mt Sinai Rd to Wading River Manor Rd in Ridge. It is NYSDOT PIN 0810.03-priority resurfacing of Rt 25 in spring 2020.

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 12, 2016
Contact: Eileen W. Peters

(631) 952-6632


Motorists are advised that off-peak midday and nighttime construction operations will begin Monday, May 16 to repave a 1.4 mile section of NY Route 25/Middle Country Road between Arnold Drive and Yaphank-Middle Island Road/County Road 21 (CR 21) in the Town of Brookhaven Suffolk County.  Weather permitting, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and/or 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. NY Route 25 travel lanes will be shifted or closed Monday through Friday as needed.  A single eastbound and westbound travel lane will remain open. Where the roadway is too narrow to accommodate two travel lanes, an alternating one way traffic pattern will be utilized.  Intermittent brief closures of all lanes may also be utilized to accommodate positioning of construction equipment.  While construction will take place predominantly at night, some off-peak, midday lane shifts/closures will be needed.  To further minimize the impact of construction operations on motorists and residents, paving operations will be performed and substantially completed on shorter segments of NY Route 25/Middle Country Road rather than disrupting the entire 1.4 mile project length.

These closures are needed to resurface this deteriorated section of NY Route 25 which is part of the $7.8 million NYS Department of Transportation project to repair Long Island’s heavily traveled roadways and improve the safety of motorists.  During this mill and fill operation, the top layer of the damaged pavement is being removed then replaced with new asphalt.  Traffic signal vehicle detector loops will be replaced and fresh pavement markings will be installed.  Drainage cleaning and repairs will also be performed.  When completed, this resurfacing project will improve motorists’ safety and restore the integrity of NY Route 25/Middle Country Road. Weather permitting, this repaving work is expected to be completed in about two months.

Motorists are being warned in advance of the construction work via electronic road signs and should use alternate routes or they may experience travel delays.  Drivers who must use this construction route are reminded to drive carefully through the work zone for their safety as well as the safety of the highway work crew.  As with most road work, this operation is weather dependent and may be canceled, postponed, or prolonged due to inclement weather.  Emergency service providers and local officials have been notified of these construction operations. 

For real-time travel information motorists should call 511 or visit, New York State’s official traffic and travel information source. Motorists may also obtain travel information from the INFORM Transportation Management Center cameras at  and on their hand held communication devices at .

NYSDOT appreciates the patience and cooperation of motorists during this important road improvement project.  Follow New York State DOT on Twitter: @NYSDOTLI.  Find us on Facebook at


MCR Repaving Update – Please reference the NYS DOT’s  Project Identification Number for this repaving in all dealings with officials:  PIN 0809.60

The NYS DOT website now lists the Repaving Project as “Under Construction.”  Last month the site said “Contract Awarded.”  MICA is working with Eileen Peters, local DOT Outreach Coordinator, to confirm the actual start date for the Middle Island portion of this repaving project. That portion is to start from Rt 21 and go westward to Arnold Drive. It is dangerous and disgraceful that our Main Street is in such a miserable state of disrepair.

Here are some local DOT phone numbers to call: 952-6929, 952-6702, 952-6632

PIN 0809.60, the  Accelerated Paving Project  on NY 25 from CR 21 to 1.1 miles west of CR 21 Under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is currently accelerating a project (Priority Resurfacing Contract, Various Locations, Suffolk County). This project will restore Route 25 from CR 21 to just west of Arnold Drive, which includes Park Lane. These revised limits were based on field investigations at the start of design

Many of you know that we’ve been pressing the DOT for a repaving of MCR NY25, with ever-changing promises and limited success. We were successful in getting the temporary patch near the post office and library in late June. We then received correspondence from the DOT about an Accelerated Paving Project that would involve our Main street – but we weren’t sure how much of the road was involved. Happy to report that after letters to the DOT on this from Councilwoman Kepert, Senator LaValle, MICA and the Governor’s local rep, we have learned that the western terminus of the project will not stop at Bartlett road, but will go further west to Arnold Drive. This is good news. We will also be working with the DOT on lane markings and safety concerns, especially near the almost re-opened Longwood Public Library. Thanks to all who continued to press the DOT on our behalf. Based on earlier correspondence, we suspect studies will continue through the fall and repaving will begin in Spring 2016. The link below seems to confirm this. Naturally, we’ll only really believe it AFTER it happens!

This is the email I received in late September

Dear Ms. Lynch-Bailey

Thank you for your e-mail expressing your concerns on the condition of NY Route 25 near Park Lane in Middle Island.

Under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is currently accelerating a project (Priority Resurfacing Contract, Various Locations, Suffolk County). This project will restore Route 25 from CR 21 to just west of Arnold Drive, which includes Park Lane. These revised limits were based on field investigations at the start of design. I hope this addresses your concerns.

The request for pavement marking changes at the entrance/exit for the Longwood Public Library has been forwarded to Traffic and Safety for study. They will be replying separately when the study is complete.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Sincerely, NYSDOT R-10 Regional Public Involvement Unit

Below are comments forwarded to Gov Cuomo’s Suffolk rep; similar to those sent to the DOT a few weeks earlier:

Thank you for speaking with me this morning at the Legislative Breakfast. We are grateful for Governor Cuomo’s assistance.

There are two major concerns about PIN 0809.60, the Accelerated Paving Project on NY 25 from CR 21 to 1.1 miles west of CR 21.

The first is the exact location of the western terminus. Where will the repaving end? It is not sufficient for it to end at Bartlett Road. It must extend several hundred feet westward, to address the hideously eroded pavement along the Bartlett Pond border. I believe several elected officials will contact you and others at the DOT about this. Please, please, please do not stop short of fixing this awful stretch just west of the Bartlett Road intersection. Taxpayers will be outraged if this dangerous stretch is not addressed during this repaving project. I have forwarded images of this to the engineer in charge but have not heard back from him or his supervisor.

The second concern is about the lanes and markings near the entrance/exit for the Longwood Public Library, at 800 Middle Country Road. The library is about to return to this location after a two-year expansion project. Frequently, east-bound cars will form two lanes of traffic on NY25 as they approach the intersection with CR 21, branching off into an early self-made turning lane BEFORE the library entrance, in order to more quickly make the right hand turn to head south on CR21. This has lead to many accidents with cars exiting the library to head east on NY 25. What can be done to prevent this? The road really is wide enough for these two lanes — could they be safely accommodated? Or, should the entire intersection at the library and Middle Island Road be specially striped, with a sort of Don’t Block the Box designation? Library patrons need to be able to turn into the parking lot safely and then leave the lot just as safely. DOT expertise is most urgently sought to address this situation.

LPL Director Suzanne Johnson and I would be happy to meet with Joe Brown to discuss this further. It’s important that several sets of expert eyes look at the roadway — those from the DOT and those of us who use this section every day.

Many thanks to all who wrote, called and emailed the Region 10 DOT office asking for a fix of our essential main street corridor. News12 featured our plight in an April TV story. In May we were told we’d get the stretch from Rt 21 west to the MIFD HQ repaved this year. Then that was rescinded. So we bombarded the DOT with urgent requests to fix the deadly section near the Post Office. That plea was definitely heard; we all got emails saying the DOT would repave that section before the end of June 2015, weather permitting. Today a Newsday story AND a release from Governor Cuomo’s office both featured additional info on local paving, all to be done before November 2015. Fingers crossed!

Long Island

Route 25 from East Bartlett Road to County Route 21 in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County
Route 454 from Old Willets Path in the town of Smithtown to Route 111 in the town of Islip, all in Suffolk County
Route 112 from East Main Street to Route 27 in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County
Route 111 from Route 347 to Route 25/25A in the town of Smithtown, Suffolk County
Route 25A from East Broadway to Hallock Avenue in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County
Route 114 from Route 27 to Stephen Hands Path in the town of East Hampton, Suffolk County

  Governor Cuomo Announces $75 Million For Accelerated Paving Projects Funds to Mitigate Widespread Damage from Harsh Winter Weather .Resurfacing projects totaling $75 million will be completed this year on approximately 428…

So… there are numerous orange and white construction barrels lining the south side of Rt 25 from WalMart eastward, as well as a pair of large night light set ups. Word is that the DOT will complete the pavement patch in front of the Mi Post Office tonight, Friday, June 26th. Weather permitting. of course!