Those who signed in:  Tom Talbot, Gail Lynch-Bailey, Betsey Martinez, Larry Mazza, Margaret Malloy, Ira Siegel, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Betty Mahan, Frank Bailey,  Roberta Schlegel, Al and Maryann Schick, Judy Talbot, Suzanne Johnson, George Lymber, Paul Rogalle

I. Meeting was Called to Order at 7:05 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

II. April Meeting Minutes were approved as read on a motion by. I. Siegel, 2nd by B. Mahan.

III. Treasurer’s Report: $3206.71 in savings account; $166.97 in checking.

IV. Correspondence

V. Reports of Committees & Officers

VI. Unfinished Business

  • LPL – Fri. June 10 evening added to Green Library charrettes of June 11 and July 16
  • Sandy Hills: TOB must re-do the re-zone vote and get a super majority
  • Longwood Day: May 14- MICA met a lot of friends
  • School  Budegt Vote: high majority in favor, $ amount lower than last year
  • Relay for Life: May 21- cancer research fundraiser at LHS; purple decorations around town
  • June 4 Plant In – Tom searching for plant sources for town-wide program

VII. New Business

  • Boy Scout Troop 433 – Dennis Fox is 50th Eagle Scout, MICA @ Court of Honor held April 30
  • Island Squire property: fenced but still a nightmare, new break-in, wooden panel removed, owner wants to sell
  • MIFD Substation: much progress on new façade, work to be finished by end of June?
  • DRSs: Artist Lake Plaza, The Meadows at Yaphank – positives: anti-blight, jobs, aesthetics; negs: traffic
  • Memorial Day – 11am ceremony at Bartlett Pond Park, Monday, May 30th
  • 99 acres of MI Pine Barrens preserved: “Gene’s Four Seasons” adjacent to Cathedral Pines- $5million pricetag
  • Pet Cemetery-BZA application to re-build after last summer’s fire; Tom will review plans more closely
  • Coram Health Center officially “de-funded,”  may close; protest held; other half, Social Services, to remain open
  • Mott House- collapsed in 2010, LIBI to re-build but is short of funds, TOB securing other revenues to assist
  • MICA Scholarships to LHS student – June 7th ceremony – to be based on community service
  • MIFD MegaBucks- chance to win $10,000 this Saturday
  • Bartlett Pond Park – May 18 PBC meeting statement by Supervisor Lesko accepting full responsibility for clearing of invasives; TOB to hire aborist, assess remaining trees, Fall re-vegetation plan & playground expansion
  • Anti-Graffiti Measures – unable to remove during legal investigation?  May 24 TOB hearing for new legislation requiring prompt removal by business owners, proposed 48 hour deadline to be lengthened to 5 days

VIII. Guests-Bob & Victor from Sand Pebbles urged attendance at Library charrettes; and Town of Brookhaven’s Paul Rogalle, AICP, PTP, TOPS, TSOS, Director of Planning: our MI neighbor, Paul gave a lively discussion about traffic safety, land use, planning, red-light cameras and the proposed Whiskey Road Traffic “Egg-About”!

IX. The meeting was Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.     –Submitted by Gail Lynch-Bailey, First Vice President