MICA Meeting Minutes – March 17, 2011

ATTENDANCE: Tom Talbot, Gail Lynch-Bailey, Betsey Martinez, Larry Mazza, Frank Bailey, Danny Lavandera, Harold Bachmann, Chris Hanley, Lea Van Lane, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Ira Siegel, Regina Riel, Harold Lilie, Edith Lilie, Roberta Schlegel, Kevin O’Connor, Suzanne Johnson, Rich Kollar, Ira Brickman.

1. The meeting was Called to Order at 7:05 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

2. The February 2011 Meeting Minutes were approved as read on a motion by Ira Siegel.

3. Treasurer’s Report – pending (submitted electronically)

4. Correspondence- usual array from Suffolk County

5. Reports of Committees & Officers – Nominating Committee Chair Jack Stinton read the nominees aloud: President: Tom Talbot; First Vice President: Gail Lynch-Bailey; Second Vice President: Betsey Martinez; Treasurer: Larry Mazza; Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Barbara Shirreffs; Membership Secretary: Margaret Malloy.  Nominations may also be made from the floor at the April meeting.

6. Unfinished Business

  • Ben’s Paint Station –new site plan approved at 3/14 Planning Board Hearing!  Mrs. Lilie thanked MICA and BSL civics for support: “We got approved to get a whole new bunch of approvals!”
  • 3/15 TOB Public Hearing on Feasibility of GHFD Dissolution Study – highly emotional and packed event, 3 neighboring FDs not willing to handle substantial debt load; another hearing to be scheduled
  • Bartlett Pond Park – invasives & dead trees removed, living trees saved, new plantings will be done; Tom spoke w/DEC’s Peter Scully;  3/18 meeting w/TOB Parks re  next steps for  playground, trail; safety is key
  • Annual TOB Clean-Up, Sat 4/16, parcel opp. King Kullen, sign-up sheet. Plant-In on June 4th - plants needed!
  • Carmans River Protection Plan- 3 review meetings already held;  evening roundtable  at TOB on 3/23, 7-9pm; submit comments online; MICA among many to attend Public Hearing on 3/29;  review adoption timeline at NSS
  • Special Election for Suffolk County Legislature, 6th District – Tues, Mar. 29; both candidates invited tonight, Martin Haley unable to attend; visit his website for more info

7. New Business

  • LPL Director Suzanne Johnson explained the Library Budget Vote and Trustee Election: Tuesday, April 5, 8 am – 9 pm; gave us the new dates for Green Library charettes :  Sat June 11 and Sat July 16, and said the very popular museum pass program will be expanded
  • Ira Brickman announced the Lions Club Annual Chinese Auction Fundraiser on Fri, May 6 at Old Coram FH on MCR – doors open at 6:30 and this popular event fills up fast! Contact Ira to donate items.

8. Informal Discussion/Guest(s)

  • Sarah Anker – Candidate for 3/29 Special Election to fill 6th District seat on Suffolk County Legislature
  • Lee McAllister, Ridge resident, author of  Hiking Long Island: A Comprehensive Guide to Parks and Trails

Continuation of New Business:

  • MICA Board Invited to Birchwood Civic Meeting on 3/24 w/TOB officials
  • Longwood SCD BOE “Citizens Speak” Forum 3/24; Community Roundtable at LMS on 3/26; budget concerns, job & program cuts anticipated for 2011-2012 school year.  MICA member & LCSD Budget Committee member Dan LaVandera spoke; MICA urges members to learn about budget proposals especially in this tough fiscal year.

9. The meeting was Adjourned at 9:05 on a motion by Gail Lynch-Bailey, seconded by Rich Kollar.