The Longwood Public Library is investigating options regarding an expansion of the present facility in order to better serve the Longwood community.  Please open the attachment to view an invitation to attend a presentation addressing design considerations intended to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.  The speakers are nationally regarded as leaders in the field.

This is the first in a series of meetings intended to establish a dialogue with the library patrons to ensure that their expectations are addressed in the design of the expanded facility.

The Longwood Public Library


“The Greening of Longwood”, or “How Green is My Library?”

Featuring two nationally-recognized speakers on sustainable design and LEED certified buildings

John Boecker and Gerould Wilhelm

Thursday, Jan. 27


Library Community Room

John Boecker is an architect who specializes in high performance green buildings, practicing in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, with the 7group architectural firm.  Gerould Wilhelm is the Principal Botanist/Ecologist for the Conservation Design Forum in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Seating is limited; please register online at, code LWD045, or call 924-6400, ext. 250.

Longwood Public Library

800 Middle Country Road

Middle Island, New York 11953