MINUTES OF THE May 20, 2010 MICA Meeting – Longwood Public Library, 7:00 pm

Officers in Attendance:  President Tom Talbot, First Vice President, Gail Lynch-Bailey, Second Vice President Betsey Martinez, Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Shirreffs, Membership Secretary, Margaret Malloy; Those Who Signed In:  Frank Bailey, Regina Riel, Harold Bachmann, Lea Van lane, Judy Talbot, Fred and Irene Steinmann, Chris Hanley, Suzanne Johnson, Jack Stinton, Chris Murphy, Jerry Cardinale, Nick Marcantonatos, Michael J. Lupinacci, Harold and Edith Lilie, Roberta Schlegel, Jim Rindos, Danny Lavardera

I.  The meeting was Called to Order at 7:10 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was  recited

II.  The April meeting minutes were read and approved as written.

III.  Treasurer’s Report:  $2,192.90 in Savings, $550.88 in checking.

IV.  President’s Report/Unfinished Business:
Oakcrest Property – Resident’s asked for MICA’s assistance
K-Mart Property – Breslin has plan in place – Was presented to Town – Positive step forward
Picketing in front of MI post office re: President Obama impeachment  – Freedom of  speech
Bartlett Park – June 19th Ceremony – 1st Vice President Gail Lynch-Bailey spoke to Pine Barrens
Commission – Had Hardship Waiver removed – Kudos to Gail
Informal ceremony for all those interested on Memorial Day at 11:00 am
MICA at Longwood Day at the High School – only Civic Association attending
MICA Website back and working thanks to Larry Mazza’s son
Reported School Vote passed, reserve fund passed, bus route defeated
Ben’s Paint situation addressed
Great American Cleanup – Certificate of Appreciation given out to all who participated
Great American Planting – Planting at Bartlett Park
MICA sign at Library discussed
May 27th – Carmans River Conference
Scholarship Fund – Candidates have to be community service-minded
Dumpsters in back of Compare Foods and also in rear of Friendly’s addressed -
President Talbot called Maggio and Winter Brothers to remove them – Minimal progress -
Town promised surveillance
Boy Scout Ceremony on June 13th at 2:00  Middle Island FD to show appreciation

V.  Presentation:  Longwood Library – Speaker – David Clemmons, Director
Slide presentation of library from inception to present – Discussed how library is
environmentally conscious — now with solar array on roof and plans to replace present lights
with LED lights

VII – The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted – Barbara Shirreffs, Rec/Corr Secy