MICA OFFICERS in ATTENDANCE: President Tom Talbot, Treasurer Larry Mazza; Secretary Gail Lynch-Bailey. THOSE WHO SIGNED IN: Frank Bailey, Chris Hanley, Betsy Martinez, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Judy Talbot, Harold Bachmann, Brett Bachmann, Margaret Malloy, Edith Lilie, Harold Lilie, Jack Stinton, Lea Van Lane, P.S. Hoey (North Shore Sun). ALSO ATTENDING: Paul Rogalle, Ira Brickman, Connie Kepert, Vincent Pascale, Carol Bisonette, Geralyn Harper
I. The meeting was CALLED TO ORDER at 7:07 p.m. by President Tom Talbot.
II. The PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE was recited, led by Geralyn Harper, Suffolk County National Bank’s MI branch manager.
III. The November meeting MINUTES were read and accepted on a motion by Mr. Stinton, seconded by Mr. Hanley.

IV. The TREASURER’S REPORT listed $624.19 in checking; $3176.98 in savings. Member dues of $5.00 each are now due.


  • Bus Shelters- shattering is a problem, especially near Bartlett Pond Park. Call the number listed on the shelter to report.
  • Eagle Scout projects – ideas for community improvement can be submitted thru MICA to Troop 433 for consideration
  • Special Election for TOB Supervisor will be held on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 from 6am to 9pm. Tim Mazzei and Mark Lesko are vying to fill remainder of Brian Foley’s term; winner will still face reelection in November, as will entire town council. Voter turnouts for special elections are notoriously low, usually less than those for library and fire depts. Vote!
  • Many upcoming Meet the Supervisor Candidates nights; full list will be e-mailed to MICA members. Two local ones are joint MICA/Coram Civic at old Coram FD on Mon, Feb. 23 at 7pm and ABCO’s at MIFD on Mon, Mar 16 at 7pm
  • Formation of Nominating Committee: Chris Hanley, Gail Lynch-Bailey, and Jack Stinton volunteered to serve; 2nd VP Jeff Davis will not be running again-he’s opened a lunch place on Rt 112 called “Home Fries”; any MICA member in good standing is eligible and encouraged to run; these are not “lifetime’ offices
  • “Coach’s Corner” will open soon at the old Mike’s Place site, aiming for St. Pat’s Day grand opening
  • New garbage pick-up schedule – some MI residents had dates changed; new cleaner, quieter trucks run on compressed natural gas; report concerns to TOB Waste Management dept
  • Stimulus monies – Councilwoman Kepert and Congressman Bishop pursuing Rt 25 sidewalk projects, bike lanes and other transportation related items
  • “Save Money and Recycle Trash” is a new “pay as you go” concept aimed to increase amount of recycling; those putting out 5 garbage pails would pay more than those with only one pail
  • Keep America Beautiful/Great Brookhaven Clean-up date is Saturday, April 18; location needed for MICA participation; goal is to change culture in TOB, too much litter on our streets; last year, 4000 people picked up 2 million lbs. of trash
  • Ongoing truck safety concerns, especially near deli on Rt 21 and 7-11 in Coram on Rt25 – Mr, Brickman has been documenting repeated problems; letter to NYS by Tom and Mr. Rogalle; Mrs. Kepert suggests SC Police involvement
  • Billboards – several persist despite being illegal in TOB since 2000; finding actual owners difficult; contact advertisers?
  • Twin Ponds – feeding waterfowl detrimental to ecosystem, prohibited in parks by TOB code; repeat offender refuses to stop after friendly confrontation w/ neighbors; letter from MICA suggested; C. Kepert’s office will send letter instead


1. Deputy Parks Commissioner Carol Bisonette provided detailed improvement plans: Bartlett Pond Park- $75,000 for new playground, landscaping; Pine Lake- DEC finally approved phragmite removal, erosion control, less harsh gabions; Martha Ave.- $250,000; Granny Rd-$250,000; Raleigh Ave-$500,000; Medford Ave AC-$1.3million for new synthetic field, comfort station, parking; TOB has more than 167 parks, w/Heritage “Wedge” most visited and Diamond in the Pines 2nd; enhanced landscaping and classy new sign-making equipment will make all park entrances more welcoming; Davis Homestead: bid out for $987,000 project to repair all masonry, close up building, replace windows and construct interior walls, Davis Earhardt bequeathed furnishings, site could be wellness or multi-generational center; old S. Ocean Ave. Town Hall to be sustainable Senior Wellness Center similar to R. Caracappa in Mt.Sinai, original jail and court rooms preserved.

Concerns: Ecology Center a mess? Playground will be upgraded, Highway Dept oversees 200 acres &zoo; Town pools nearing ends of lifecycles, costly to upgrade; Bartlett Pond Park – MICA requests electricity and irrigation, noted by Carol; Reopen swimming at Yaphank Lake? Harvester use for cabomba eradication, SC study ongoing; Artist Lake can use a dye in its enclosed system for invasives; Kmart property:C. Kepert met w/LYSA and will ask Breslin to construct playfields; ongoing cataloguing/assessment of cemeteries in TOB

2. Planning Director Paul Rogalle explained plans for 20 homes on 24-acre wedge between Rt 21 and Miller Place-Yaphank Rd: final subdivision review is ongoing for project called Victorian Estates by David Scro of Country View Properties, w/public hearing set for Mar.23, 2009; in hopper for long time, initially approved prior to TOB requiring developers meet w/local civics; zoned A1 residential in compatible growth area of Pine Barrens, land has 53% clearing limit, some open space requirements must be met by trees remaining on individual lots, along w/wildlife route on north border; main access on MP/Yaphank Rd would align w/ industrial driveway opposite it.

Concerns: traffic, safety and drainage issues need mitigation. Developer refuses to meet TOB’s revised planning and highway dept recommendations, saying he has changed his plans enough. On an amended motion from G. Lynch-Bailey, MICA members voted to send letter to TOB planning hearing, asking developer to meet TOB halfway on remaining issues– and vice versa.

VII. The meeting was ADJOURNED at 8:55p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

–Gail Lynch-Bailey, Secretary