MINUTES of the February 18, 2010 MICA Meeting – Longwood Public Library, 7:00 p.m.
Officers in Attendance:  Second Vice President Betsey Martinez, Secretary Gail Lynch-Bailey, Membership Chair Margaret Malloy, Treasurer Larry Mazza; Those Who Signed In: Frank Bailey, Jack Stinton, Harold Bachmann, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Edith Lilie, Harold Lilie;  Also in Attendance: Lea Van Lane, Hazel Roberts, Dennis Meehan, David Ferrara

I.The meeting was Called to Order at 7:10 p.m. & the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

II. Program: Q & A w/Suffolk County Police 7th Precinct Inspector David Ferrara and 6th Precinct Deputy Inspector Dennis Meehan – Rte 21 (Rocky Point-Yaphank Road) divides MI into two precincts.  Overall crime statistics are down, but slight increase in residential burglaries and petit larcenies.  Best advice: lock your cars and keep all tempting electronic items out of view or easy access.  The growing heroin epidemic among young people was noted.  And yes, you CAN get a ticket for driving while cell-phone impaired!  Open community meetings are a regular event at both precincts, with seasonal ones at the 6th and monthly ones at the 7th.  SCPD also offers a citizens’ police academy and ride-alongs. Sign up for the PD online newsletter at http://www.suffolkcountyny.gov and select the “public safety” category.

III. The January meeting minutes were approved as written.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: $3190.79 in savings; $492.33 in checking

V. Correspondence: IGHL Notice for Christina Lane- question on exact location for MIFD; Marc Alessi’s Child Safety Fair on Feb 25th; so many SC items- inquire about paperless notification? TOB Supervisor Lesko’s “Down Off the Hill” District 4 meeting Feb. 23 at Coram FD

VI. Reports of Committees & Officers

Membership: 46 members in good standing, up by 5!

Long Island Lobby Coalition – Lobby Day in Albany on Feb 9th attended by Tom Talbot

MI Schoolhouse – interior restoration ongoing/ open for June 19th Vets celebration at Bartlett Pond Park

ABCO – “2030” questions at Feb meeting, officer elections on March 15th

MI Post Office – local exterior box removed, still one inside post office for 11953 mail

Longwood Library – adjacent property purchased thru reserves, no taxpayer impact

VII. Unfinished Business

Feb 9th special election for NYS 3rd Assembly District- Dean Murray winner

Gordon Heights Fire District – TOB hired consultant prior to mandated public hearing

Longwood CSD: Feb 6th Legislative Breakfast; March 4th Drug Awareness Forum, 7pm, LMS

Ben’s Paints – postponed again at BZA– very frustrating

VIII. New Business

Election of Nominating Committee: Frank Bailey, Jack Stinton & Lea Van Lane

Distribution of Nominating Forms – given out, suggestion to mail to all members due to light attendance

Purchase of flag in MICA’s name at Heritage Park- approved unanimously

Proper flag disposal- the Lilies have a collection box for used US flags at their store

Great Brookhaven Cleanup on April 17th – site suggestions for MICA participation, decide in March

Mailing to MI residents to recruit MICA members? –general support, need more info and costs

Hospitality Committee formation: Lea Van Lane and Margaret Malloy volunteered for this

IX. The meeting was Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  –Gail Lynch-Bailey, Recording/Corresponding Secretary