MINUTES of the MIDDLE ISLAND CIVIC ASSOCIATION Regular Meeting, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010, Longwood Public Library

MICA OFFICERS in ATTENDANCE: President Tom Talbot, Second Vice President Betsey Martinez, Treasurer Larry Mazza, Secretary Gail Lynch-Bailey. THOSE WHO SIGNED IN: Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Edith Lilie, Barbara Shirrefs, Harold Bachmann, Jack Stinton, Chris Hanley, Jacqui Palatnik, Frank Bailey, Margaret Malloy, Maryann Schick, Ronald Kahl

I. The meeting was CALLED TO ORDER at 7:05 p.m.

II. The PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE was recited.

III. Because MINUTES of the last two meetings were not taken, the secretary reviewed important events at each: in November, plans for the expanded Longwood Veterans Monument at Bartlett Pond Park were unveiled by Gary Gentile and Paul Infranco, and MICA voted to oppose the Legacy Village development in Yaphank as it is currently proposed; in December, MICA celebrated its 60th anniversary with refreshments and a presentation by LPL’s Suzanne Johnson on what MI was like in the 1940s.

IV. The TREASURER’s REPORT listed $3,189.71 in the savings and $525.10 in the checking accounts.

V. SPECIAL PRESENTATION: overview of the upcoming US Census by Barbara Champ and Rita Mizik of the US Commerce Dept. – the April 1st, 2010 “snapshot of the country” will consist of a much-simplified, 10 question, yellow-enveloped mailing, due out in mid- March.  All are encouraged to return census forms promptly.  Non-responders will be visited by census workers who will carry proper ID.  Personal data collected is protected under Title 13 for 72 years and is used by govt. to determine distribution of $400 billion in federal aid as well as Congressional districting and representation.  Companies also use census data in their research. Census recruiters are now hiring; pay ranges from $13.50 -$21.00 an hour w/mileage and four paid training days.   For more info visit www.2010.census.gov and  www.2010censusjobs.gov .


  • Ben’s Paints ZBA Hearing on Jan 20 was well attended by MICA members in support of the Lilies as they navigate the infuriating TOB bureaucracy in order to restore their family business at its original site.  What many thought would be a simple approval process soon disintegrated because the parcel’s split zoning would set a dangerous precedent involving the land-locked portion which carries a transfer of development rights potential.  Edith Lilie thanked all for speaking so eloquently and said they may have to give away three acres in order to proceed. Held to 2/3/10 ZBA.
  • Accent Flooring – auction & warehouse signs reveal that Larry Kogel is changing from flooring business to the energy savings/solar field ; he told Tom that he plans to  keep the building open for this new venture
  • Rite Aid/No Gas parcel: Gail e-mailed Rite Aid website and got return phone call; Tom sent second letter to Rite Aid’s Real Estate VP Karen Smith; Mr. Nelin has been told we are targeting this property and its blight
  • Member concerns: traffic, blight & TOB frustrations; it’s impossible to build here, drive here, or live here! MI is now in the Top Ten of LI foreclosures…
  • Kmart/Breslin redevelopment plans viewed by Tom, Gail & LYSA reps on Jan 4 contain LYSA fields, new Artist Lake dock, enviro-friendly parking, gray water systems , green rooftops, rain gardens, but still no word on anchor occupants
  • Competition Toyota moving forward, waiting for Suffolk County Planning report
  • MIFD Big Bucks Mania fundraiser underway; visit MIFD website for details; $100 per ticket for a chance at $10,000!
  • Coram Civic meeting will feature Davis House consultant Joel Snodgrass on Jan 25 at old Coram FD
  • Troop 433’s newest Eagle Scout Kevin Ehl recognized by MICA at Court of Honor on Jan 9
  • MI Schoolhouse interior restoration project underway by Eagle candidate Rob Andersen
  • Community Events sign at Bartlett Park needs repair before  it can be updated again; Longwood Alliance will pay
  • Roundabout at Miller Place & Whiskey Roads –recent DOT meeting; TOB lagging in land acquisition to facilitate
  • Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko’s first State of the Town Address will be on Tuesday, Jan 26; call 451-6560 to rsvp; Tom expressed concerns over recent TOB political appointees and increased salaries

VII. NEW BUSINESS: Vote to Amend MICA Bylaws – the proposed bylaws amendments were read aloud, discussed and approved unanimously. Major changes are increase in annual membership dues to $10 and creation of elected office of membership secretary.   Updated bylaws are available on the MICA website and from the secretary.

VIII. The meeting was ADJOURNED at 8:45 p.m.

–Respectfully submitted, Gail Lynch-Bailey, Recording/Corresponding Secretary.