Newsday: Kmart Parcel Added to Pine Barrens Society Wish List

The Sunday, Oct 30, 2022 Newsday page 14 story features Frank and Gail deliberately wearing the exact same clothes they posed in more than six years ago when the Kmart building was about to be torn down.  It illustrates the lack of progress on this huge, blighted parcel, which we hope will receive renewed attention now that the Pine Barrens Society has added it to its “Best of the Rest” desired acquisition wish list. There will still be an opportunity for public and commercial recreation on the property, closest to RT25. John Turner will be our guest at the January 19, 2023 MICA meeting.   Read the story here, and check out the video clips, too.  Newsday went above and beyond ( literally!) filming great drone footage of some of the parcels