Happy Earth Day: Bartlett Road Frog Tunnels Installed!

Update from John Turner: “We are approaching success! Installation of the East Bartlett Road Frog Tunnel in Middle Island has begun and should be finished early next week. When completed, along with the silt curtain blocking access to the road, the frogs will be able to move from one pond to the other without the risk of becoming roadkill. In past years scores of wood frogs, spring peepers, green frogs, bullfrogs, and grey treefrogs were killed along this stretch of road, where two ponds on each side of the road are in close proximity, as the animals attempted to move between ponds. Kudos to the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department and Superintendent Dan Losquadro, Supervisor Ed Romaine, members of the Brookhaven Town Board including Councilman Michael Loguercio, Town Attorney Annette Eaderesto, and ACO industries – wildlife section. This or a similar approach should be replicated elsewhere on Long Island where appropriate.” Thank you, John Turner, and special thanks to Clyde McGhee for silt fence maintenance!

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