Artist Lake Invasive Species Removal Underway!

Invasive Species Plant Removed from Artist Lake in Middle Island

From the DEC Newsletter:

On December 17th, R1 Fisheries, Town of Brookhaven staff, and members of LIISMA (Long Island Invasive Species Management Area) gathered around the newly identified patch of the invasive plant Ludwigia plepoides at Artist Lake in Middle Island. The 30-acre lake is a popular warm water fishing location with a small boat launch area maintained and owned by the Town of Brookhaven. During a fisheries survey on October 15th, DEC staff identified the invasive plant and immediately notified the Town encouraging the submission of a permit application for hand removal. This highly aggressive plant has been present in the Peconic River System for over a decade with very little success in removal and management. This new infestation is particularly worrisome due to the lake’s proximity to the Carmans River and warranted quick action from the Town. Thanks to DEC’s Division of Permits and Natural Resources staff’s collaboration, the Town was issued a permit in less than two months of the plant’s identification and within days followed by the removal of 150 pounds of the dying plant and hundreds of seed heads.

We believe the plant was spread from a boat or kayak recently used in the Peconic River only a few miles away. Signage was installed at the launch site reminding boaters of the risks associated with not properly inspecting and cleaning their watercraft when moving from one water body to another.

Proposed Action: Town of Brookhaven was issued five-year permit for additional removal events. Early detection and removal actions hopefully prevented further spread of this invasive species.

Artist Lake with and without invasive species