The return of heavy equipment on May 18 has the community buzzing.  Dump trucks and pay loaders seem to be renewing activities similar to those of 2015. Back then, illegal sand mining was suspected and MICA contacted both the TOB and DEC numerous times.  It turns out these new activities are actually part of a DEC-approved  clean up plan for the site, with Brookside Environmental  providing equipment and Jim DeMartinis of Seacliff Environmental as senior hydrogeologist.
The Town of Brookhaven sent Inspectors and Enviromental Analysts there to confer with DEC Officers familiar with past activities and actions at the parcel; more information will be shared as it becomes available.  According to TOB officials, the property owner has hired consultants to remove bad materials from the site and restore the property in an effort to re-develop the parcel in the future.  To that effect, the property owner filed a work plan with the NYSDEC to conduct the work.  NYSDEC Division of Materials Management (DMM) is on-site observing all of the activity to ensure compliance with the work plan.
The Town will be receiving  a copy of the work plan shortly and will review said plan to ensure that all environmental concerns from the Town’s perspective have been addressed.