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HAUPPAUGE, NY – At the General Legislature Meeting on Tuesday, March 28th, the Suffolk County Legislature approved a Procedural Motion to pursue the acquisition of the blighted old Kmart property in Middle Island. With this approval, an offer of the real property value will be made to the property owner to acquire 21 acres that sit along Middle Country Road. The real property value is determined by two simultaneous appraisals and by the Suffolk County Environmental Trust Review Board. Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker has made it her priority to move this acquisition through the county process with the hopes of turning the parcel into an active park with ballfields.

“I am thrilled to be leading the effort to transform this blighted property into a beautiful community park, which will provide a place for the Longwood Youth Sports Association kids to play ball, as well as create an open green space for all residents to enjoy,” said Legislator Anker. “This project is a win-win for all involved and I look forward to working with the community to create their field of dreams on this parcel.”

The county will submit the offer to the property owner. If the owner accepts, Suffolk County will obtain an Environmental Site Assessment survey which will be reviewed by the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) to ensure the site is environmentally sound. Following review and pending approval by CEQ, Legislator Anker will put forth a resolution to purchase the property which will go to the full Legislature for a vote. For more information, please contact Legislator Anker’s office at 631-854-1600.