Advisories from SCWA for Middle Island


06/13/16-06/13/16:   New Water Main Construction

During business hours, we are installing new water main on Renaissance Boulevard, near Middle Country Road. During the ongoing construction there may be periodic water service interruptions between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Depending upon weather conditions and/or emergencies, this message may be revised due to updated information.

06/20/16- 07/01/16: Water System Maintenance Program in Middle Island Area
Fire hydrants will be opened in order to remove any sediments that may have collected in SCWA pipes, to ensure the highest quality water.  This also checks hydrant functions and sufficient water supply for fire protection.  During these flushing procedures, customers may briefly experience lower water pressure, discolored water and/or water collecting in streets where maintenance is happening. Rusty  water is primarily iron and not considered harmful.  Let it run until it is clear.  It should only last the day of maintenance.  Avoid doing laundry on these days, as clothes could become stained.  Re-washing with additional detergent and rust remover will help remove stains. Using bleach or the dryer will not help in removing stains.

To see updates on these events, go to www.scwa.comand click on Maintenance Announcements