From Matt Gropper:


“Hello everyone, we have extended the neighborhood watch area to include the entire town including the east side (7th precinct section) If anyone is interested, we will need an area captain that will be the point of contact with SCPD for the 7th precinct section of Middle Island. A few questions have come up, please note all roads that are attached to and including wading river hallow rd (ridge mailing address included) as well as Westfield Rd area in Coram are all included in the Middle Island neighborhood watch area.

If you are interested and have not yet filled out the form please click the link below and complete the form: we are growing!”
Middle Island Community Neighborhood Watch…/1KariSIgRXH7Ql05ja4hNSe…/viewform…

There is also a meeting tonight for the emerging Neighborhood Watch program in The Preserve area in eastern Middle Island in the home of a local resident.  Flyers for this meeting were distributed throughout that community.  Once that is organized, MICA will ask a captain from that watch to coordinate with other local captains.

We have reserved the hour before next week’s regular MICA meeting to continue Neighborhood Watch discussions.  This will be on Thursday, April 21 at 6pm at Longwood Public Library.  We hope area captains and anyone not able to attend meetings this week will join us next week in the hour before our regular civic meeting.  Thanks, everyone!