Many of you know that we’ve been pressing the DOT for a repaving of MCR NY25, with ever-changing promises and limited success.  We were successful in getting the temporary patch near the post office and library in late June.  We then received correspondence from the DOT about an Accelerated Paving Project that would involve our Main street – but we weren’t sure how much of the road was involved.  Happy to report that after letters to the DOT on this  from Councilwoman Kepert, Senator LaValle, MICA and the Governor’s local rep, we have learned that the western terminus of the project will not stop at Bartlett road, but will go further west to Arnold Drive.  This is good news.  We will also be working with the DOT on lane markings and safety concerns, especially near the almost re-opened Longwood Public Library.  Thanks to all who continued to press the DOT on our behalf.  Based on earlier correspondence, we suspect studies will continue through the fall and repaving will begin in Spring 2016.  Naturally, we’ll only really believe it AFTER it happens!  See emails below pix.


This is the email I received in late September

Dear Ms. Lynch-Bailey


Thank you for your e-mail expressing your concerns on the condition of NY Route 25 near Park Lane in Middle Island.


Under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is currently accelerating a project (Priority Resurfacing Contract, Various Locations, Suffolk County).  This project will restore Route 25 from CR 21 to just west of Arnold Drive, which includes Park Lane.  These revised limits were based on field investigations at the start of design.  I hope this addresses your concerns.


The request for pavement marking changes at the entrance/exit for the Longwood Public Library has been forwarded to Traffic and Safety for study.  They will be replying separately when the study is complete.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


Sincerely, NYSDOT R-10  Regional Public Involvement Unit


Below are comments forwarded to Gov Cuomo’s Suffolk rep; similar to those sent to the DOT a few weeks earlier:

Thank you for speaking with me this morning at the Legislative Breakfast.  We are grateful for Governor Cuomo’s assistance.

There are two major concerns about PIN 0809.60, the  Accelerated Paving Project  on NY 25 from CR 21 to 1.1 miles west of CR 21.

The first is the exact location of the western terminus.  Where will the repaving end?  It is not sufficient for it to end at Bartlett Road.  It must extend several hundred feet westward, to address the hideously eroded pavement along the Bartlett Pond border.  I believe several elected officials will contact you and others at the DOT about this.  Please, please, please do not stop short of fixing this awful stretch just west of the Bartlett Road intersection.  Taxpayers will be outraged if this dangerous stretch is not addressed during this repaving project. I have forwarded images of this to the engineer in charge but have not heard back from him or his supervisor.

The second concern is about the lanes and markings near the entrance/exit for the Longwood Public Library, at 800 Middle Country Road.  The library is about to return to this location after a two-year expansion project.  Frequently, east-bound cars will form two lanes of traffic on NY25 as they approach the intersection with CR 21, branching off into an early self-made turning lane BEFORE the library entrance, in order to more quickly make the right hand turn to head south on CR21.  This has lead to many accidents with cars exiting the library to head east on NY 25. What can be done to prevent this?  The road really is wide enough for these two lanes — could they be safely accommodated?  Or, should the entire intersection at the library and Middle Island Road  be specially striped,  with a sort of Don’t Block the Box designation? Library patrons need to be able to turn into the parking lot safely and then leave the lot just as safely.  DOT expertise is most urgently sought to address this situation.

LPL Director Suzanne Johnson and I would be happy to meet with Joe Brown to discuss this further.  It’s important that several sets of expert eyes look at the roadway — those from the DOT and those of us who use this section every day.