New tags appeared on the front of the old KMart building after the July 4th weekend.   MICA has forwarded photos to our elected reps and to Breslin Realty officials, who promise to have the tags painted over as soon as possible.  Breslin and the TOB had just removed a large pile of debris from the rear and side corner of the building, and now this!  How much longer will this building be allowed to fester as the massive “unattractive nuisance” it so clearly is?  This huge parcel is still the largest instance of blight in Middle Island  — it stands in ironic counterpoint to the new AVR Meadows project, which Mr Breslin recently celebrated in Yaphank.  MICA has long supported the Artist Lake Plaza plans, which we were told would be updated “very soon.”  That was eight months ago.  The extensions for the original approvals for Artist Lake Plaza are due to expire this month.  Will this deadline finally get something positive happening at the site?Front tags 2