Breslin Removes Trailers From KMart Lot

Social media played an important role in alerting MICA to an unwelcome development at Breslin Realty’s old KMart parcel last week:  the arrival overnight of dozens of  large RVs, trucks, trailers and portable lavatories in the front parking lot..  Drivers passing by reported these trailers were clearly occupied overnight; closer inspection on Friday morning, May 8, confirmed this.  Running water spilling across the lot from open garden hoses and fire hydrants was also observed.  Urgent emails to Breslin Realty were sent, along with the photo above. Before noon, Leasing Agent Robert Delavale replied:

The Trailers were to be empty and stored on the property by the organization currently putting on a carnival on Long Island.  This is the same organization that has previously Leased the K-mart space for a carnival at the site.  It was to be strictly temporary until May 15th or so, however, based upon your observations and concerns Mr. Breslin has refused to sign the license agreement, and instructed our property management department to arrange to have them removed immediately.

Trailers were removed starting late Friday night; by Saturday, the lot was empty, save for one lav which was gone by Monday.  The initial reporter of the trailers wryly and correctly observed: “Now it’s just back to the regular eyesore it’s been for too long.”