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These recent aerials reveal the massive amounts of stenchful, smouldering debris on the residentially-zoned site at 132 Swezey Drive South in Middle Island.

Clearly the photos depict the facility’s dangerously close proximity to long-standing private single-family homes to the north, west and east, as well as to the Strathmore at Spring Lake complex to the south.

Remember, this MulchMare did not exist prior to Hurricane Sandy.  Imagine weathering that storm only to have this nightmare pop up in your backyard!

The Middle Island Civic Association and its affected residents will officially join the legal battle to “Stop the MulchMare.”

Residents of Park Lane, Brian Court and elsewhere live in constant fear of fire and disease.  They cannot use their yards, open their windows or enjoy any quality of life. For more than two years, their homes have been invaded by pervasive dust, obnoxious smells and head-pounding noise. Most believe their property values are decimated.  They’re probably right.

Eight affidavits will be submitted in support of the Town of  Brookhaven’s effort to close the illegal mulch facility at 132 Swezey Drive South in Middle Island.  These will be filed by our attorney, Jennifer Juengst, in SC Supreme Court in Riverhead.  We ask that Judge Arthur Pitts review the “mountain” of evidence about these polluters and provide deserving protection to the taxpaying, law-abiding residents of our community.

Given the horrors of the Datre scandal, numerous residents wonder why anyone would allow tons of debris to be dumped, unchecked and unregulated, at an unpermitted site. Children don’t just PLAY nearby — they LIVE nearby!  We are at the mercy of the courts: PLEASE HELP US!

See and hear what residents are dealing with via the videos at