On Tuesday, November 26, 2014, the Brookhaven Town Board approved Resolution 2014-0817 authorizing the execution of a tax exemption from the town. The tax exemption provides Concern for Independent Living with the ability to build this much needed housing project. The Sandy Hills project will provide 123 affordable housing units primarily for veterans. “We call on our brave men and women to leave their friends and families to serve this nation and protect the freedom we all enjoy. When they return we owe it to them to insure that they have affordable, respectable places to live. Sandy Hills will provide them just that,” stated Councilwoman Kepert.

The Sandy Hills project is a mixed-use residential plan with a main street commercial component along Middle Country Road. The plan creates a pedestrian oriented center at the cross roads of CR 21 and Middle Country Road which will provide pedestrian access to important community facilities, such as the Longwood Public Library, the Middle Island Post Office, and to convenient shopping. This new project will provide a needed economic boost to the local economy. The plan provides for a boulevard access road through the property, which will divert traffic from the intersection of CR21 and Rt. 25, thus relieving pressure on what is an overused intersection. The Sandy Hills development will also include a state-of-the-art Sewage Treatment Plant with excess available capacity which will serve as a lynch-pin for the future re-development of the Middle Island area.

The plan has conditional site plan approval and is located on 39 acres of land, of which 18 acres will be preserved as open space at no cost to Brookhaven taxpayers. In addition, the project site is located outside of the Carmans River 100 year contributing area, meaning it would take a drop of water 100 + years to reach the Carmans River.

“We are thrilled that the Town Board approved this important resolution that takes us one step closer to breaking ground on this project,” said Ralph Fasano, Executive Director of Concern for Independent Living. “We thank the Brookhaven Town Board, Councilwoman Kepert, the Middle Island Civic Association and all of the Veterans who came out to support the project.”

“Ending Veteran homelessness is a priority with Suffolk County United Veterans,” said Joanne Massimo, Director of Program Operations, Suffolk County United Veterans. “These Veterans deserve a decent place to live.”

“I am so proud of the Town Board members who voted to approve this PILOT agreement for Sandy Hills. Every community needs to make room for our homeless veterans,” said Gail Lynch-Bailey, President of the Middle Island Civic Association. “Concern for Independent Living has a proven track record of doing exactly that, and doing it very well. Our Civic Association is very excited to welcome this project to Middle Island; we believe Sandy Hills will help revitalize the heart of our community.