On Tuesday, February 26, 2013, MICA President Tom Talbot and Longwood Alliance President Gail Lynch-Bailey, Ridge Civic President Chris Sosick and others testified in favor of the Phase III rezonings to bring numerous parcels along Rt 25 into compliance with the Town of Brookhaven’s Middle Country Road Land Use Plan. This plan creates distinct hamlet centers in Coram, Middle Island and Ridge, with more intense use at the centers, less intense use on the outskirts, and transitional zones in between.

Last night the Town Council unanimously re-zoned more than 50 parcels; some were upzoned as far up to J6, others downzoned to A1. All actions depended on their locations and proposed use. These rezonings were borne out of the community-based planning initiative hosted here in Longwood more than a decade ago and made permanent in the MCRLUP in 2006.

In many cases, the rezoning now matches the actual current use of the property. In all cases, existing use no longer supported by zoning is still permitted as long as there is a CO (certificate of occupancy) for the property.

All of the property owners in Phase III had the opportunity to meet with TOB Planning and Councilwoman Kepert prior to last night’s hearing; many did and some asked to have their rezonings held to a date certain. Last night, a few more property owners asked for and received the same courtesy. These parcels will be heard on April 23, 2013.

This is great news for so many of us whose daily lives include travelling along MCR!