MICA OFFICERS in ATTENDANCE: President Tom Talbot, Second Vice President Betsey Martinez, Treasurer Larry Mazza, Secretary Gail Lynch-Bailey. THOSE WHO SIGNED IN: Ralph Verriest, Carolanne & Christopher Welga, Jacqui Palatnik, Chris Hanley, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Frank Bailey, Harold Bachmann, David Mazza, ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Jeff Davis, parents and members of Middle Island Girl Scout Troop #2816, Service Unit #637.

I. The meeting was CALLED TO ORDER at 7:09 p.m.

II. The PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE was recited.

III. SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Middle Island Girl Scout Troop #2816, Service Unit #637 – five Gold Award winners described their role in the creation of an interactive children’s museum at the Longwood Estate which helped earn them Girl Scouting’s highest distinction; certificates of merit awarded by MICA, photos taken; Congratulations!

IV. The TREASURER’S REPORT listed $769.19 in checking; $3181.15 in savings.

V. The April meeting MINUTES were accepted as written on a motion by Mr. Bachmann, seconded by Mr. Davis.


  • Coach’s Corner: beautiful new restaurant at old Mike’s Place – almost ready –opening Memorial Day weekend?
  • Longwood Day: successful presence by MICA as sole local civic; enhanced by Mrs. Molloy’s excellent poster
  • Nelin/No Gas parcel – still no progress; Mr. Lilie inquiring?
  • Great Brookhaven Clean Up: successful day w/good MICA turnout; Thank You certificates to go out in June
  • Gordon Heights Fire District- letters from both sides of issue thanking MICA for addressing topic; still many more questions than answers; dissolution petition remains before TOB; new open forum at GH firehouse scheduled for May 30th
  • Kogel Site – NYS mowed high grass on Rt 25; partial clean-up by owners after photos presented to TOB and Channel 55 by Mrs. Lynch-Bailey: garbage removed, one dangerous “skaters” ledge demolished, gate closed with heavier chain and lock
  • Sandy Hills – confusing April 16th 4-3 vote in favor of COZ originally considered a defeat became a victory after TOB law dept ruled that super-majority approval not necessary because tertiary zone request had not come from developer and could not be imposed otherwise; Pine Barrens Society now suing TOB to rescind COZ approval; member concern re fire safety of higher density buildings and environment
  • Important NYS Court Ruling: towns cannot force developers to appear before civics as part of approval process – could have grave impact on citizen input on local projevts; perhaps ABCO will fight this
  • K Mart – Breslin attorney John LaMura is scheduled for MICA June meeting to present plans updated since initial look in Nov; a COZ for small parcel on corner needed to move forward, but entire project must be reviewed
  • Toyota – TOB work session presentation next week for expansion to new site across Rt 25; property owner worried that business will be lured to vacant dealership buildings elsewhere; good economic engine for MI
  • Victorian Estates – rescheduled again at TOB for June 1; 20 homes in triangle at Rocky Pt/Miller Place roads; still no MICA visit by Mr. Scro
  • BSA Troop 433 Eagles: MICA presented at April 25th ECOH for Stephen Fusco, will do same at June 14th ceremony for Glenn Vogeli at MIFD at 2:00 p.m.; MICA members welcome to attend
  • Flooding concerns: many days of heavy rainfall have resulted in extremely high water table and regularly flooded areas, some of which should never have been built upon; tax grievance may be a last resort to address these improper permits


  • WalMart exterior painting ongoing; new sign eventually; concern re: improper outside storage; Tom will protest
  • Brookhaven Town Fair at Longwood Estate, September 12-13, outdoors – MICA will apply for table space
  • MICA will give 2 $100 scholarships to male & female LHS seniors for community service on June 3; suggestion to increase amount and generate our own application process approved for next year; need bio info on winners
  • Memorial Day: Longwood Alliance will sponsor a Remembrance Ceremony on May 25 at 11 a.m. at Bartlett Pond Park – MICA will assist, all welcome; also, Birchwood at Spring Lake has beautiful veterans memorial on site which MICA members are urged to visit in future
  • Carmans River Watershed: proposed study would look at vast area surrounding this pristine river whose headwaters are in MI and which is threatened by seven toxic plumes much further south as well as several invasive species in its lakes; concerns that “Levy Town” protests may stop local MI projects designed to address severely blighted areas along Middle Country Rd; ongoing debate over preference for licensed STPs versus unmonitored cesspools in this gem’s watershed

VIII. GUEST SPEAKER: Frank Bailey, Troop 433 Committee Chairperson, explained the plan to re-blaze the TOB’s 21-mile Benjamin Tallmadge Historic Trail from its start at “Old Man’s” near Cedar Beach in Mt. Sinai to its end near Smith’s Point. Mr. Bailey described Tallmadge’s Revolutionary War raid and capture of Manor St. George in Mastic and the burning of the hay at Coram. He displayed the new yellow trail blazes which were designed in conjunction with local historians and donated to this cause. Area Boy Scout troops will nail these to telephone poles after removing any rusted remaining markers. Larger decaying signs will also be replaced.

IX. The meeting was ADJOURNED at 8:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, –Gail Lynch-Bailey, MICA Secretary