MINUTES of the MIDDLE ISLAND CIVIC ASSOCIATION Regular Meeting, Thursday, April 16, 2009, Longwood Public Library

MICA OFFICERS in ATTENDANCE: President Tom Talbot, First Vice President Denise Arnold, Treasurer Larry Mazza, Secretary Gail Lynch-Bailey. THOSE WHO SIGNED IN: Margaret Malloy, Jacqui Palatnik, Phyllis Dieber, Filomena Lynch, Jack Stinton, Chris Hanley, Betsey Martinez, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Al Schick, Maryann Schick, Edith Lilie, Harold Lilie, Frank Bailey, Jeffrey Davis, Harold Bachmann, Brett Bachmann. ALSO ATTENDING: Ira Brickman, and members of the Gordon Heights fire department, fire district and community.

I. The meeting was CALLED TO ORDER at 7:10 p.m.

II. The PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE was recited.

III. The March meeting MINUTES were accepted as written on a motion by Mrs. Arnold.

IV. The TREASURER’S REPORT listed $739.19 in checking; $3180.11 in savings, reflecting about $65 in dues payments.

V. CORRESPONDENCE: Letter of thanks from St. Cuthbert’s Food Pantry. Mr. Mazza suggests reminder w/ pantry’s address so members who forget donations can follow-up after meeting. Birchwood-Spring Lake ladies willing to collect donations in their community, and Mrs. Arnold will bring to food pantry. So many people need help these days. Mr. Stinton suggests jury duty as a small ($40 per day) income earner and Mr. Talbot has a friend in the 2010 Census Recruiter office if you’re interested in a paying position there.

Signs of Life: Coach’s Corner to open soon at old Mike’s Place site – looking very nice; buildings between Kogel and Shell station painted and refurbished, beauty salon sign in window says “coming soon.”
Sandy Hills: builder sued TOB to get COZ on agenda; Mr. Talbot and Mrs. Lynch-Bailey attended/spoke at hearing tonight; we’re hopeful that Frank Weber is not doing an “Avalon” at Sandy Hills.
ABCO – meeting this Monday will feature speaker from NYS Atty General’s office on fraud & investment protection.
 Longwood Day, May 16th, Saturday before school budget vote; MICA will have display table; membership chair Margaret Malloy has some ideas to recruit new members; new poster circulated; post membership form on website.
 Nelin “No Gas” corner property for sale? Mr. Lilie to speak w/Mr. Talbot about this. Great Brookhaven Cleanup this Saturday, April 18th, 10 a.m. till noon– President Talbot visited 3 proposed sites and recommends Rocky Point Rd south of Whiskey Road. Tom will have shirts, grabbers, cones, bags. Bagels 101 donating coffee and eats. Look for Tom’s truck, park near him in pull-off area on east side of Rte. 21. Wear sturdy footwear!
Roanoke Sand & Gravel: question on big white fence – actually erected as a favor to community to eliminate unsightliness and cut down on dust; Birchwood residents do see a lot of digging and dust there; Jim Barker is responsive to neighbor complaints, spoke to MICA in 2007.
 Local Scout Accomplishments- Troop 433 Eagle Court of Honor for Stephen Fusco on Sunday, April 26 at MIFD, MICA will present certificates. MICA also will honor five Girl Scout Gold Award Winners from Troop 2816 at its May meeting.
 MICA Website – www.middleislandcivic.com back up thanks to new software from David Mazza; send ideas to Mrs. Lynch-Bailey.
 Library Vote – budget passed by a large margin despite low turnout. Some 1500 residents visited on vote day, but only 500 voted. Mr. Davis asked about targeting non-voting areas; Library Trustee Chris Hanley explained that all residents receive the same mailing.

VII. SPECIAL TOPIC PRESENTATION: Donalda Lee of the Coalition for the Preservation of the Gordon Heights Fire District and Rosalee Hanson of the Petition Drive to Dissolve the GH Fire District to Reduce Taxes — Each gave an overview of their group’s position on the troubling topic of how to reduce the very high fire district taxes in the very small GHFD, while also protecting the health and safety of the community and upholding its history and spirit of volunteerism. The newly formed Coalition favors a TOB study in advance of any dissolution. This study should answer important questions such as how the area will be protected, what will become of its fire fighting assets and accrued debt, and the true impact dissolution would have on GH taxes and those in surrounding districts. The Petition Drive’s sole goal is to reduce what everyone acknowledges are the GHFD’s disproportionately high taxes; in December, it successfully filed papers with the TOB in hopes that Brookhaven will issue an RFP for other fire districts to bid on the GHFD and thereby turn it into a protectorate. Also commenting were members of the GH Fire Department, whose chief fears a real loss of safety and many of its volunteers, and the MIFD, whose commissioners do not want to absorb the GHFD. All parties stressed the need for neighborly cooperation in pursuing this matter, the resolution of which does not appear close at hand.

 Report of the Nominating Committee: Committee Chair Jack Stinton read the report, nominating the following candidates for office: Thomas Talbot for President; Denise Arnold for First Vice President, Betsey Martinez for Second Vice President; Larry Mazza for Treasurer; and Gail Lynch-Bailey for Secretary.
 Annual Election – President Talbot called for additional nominations from the floor for each office; none were made and the nominations were closed. Mr. Davis motioned for the secretary to cast a single ballot in favor of the unopposed slate; motion carried.
 Reminder: Lion’s Club Chinese Auction on Friday, May 8 at “old” Coram Fire House starting at 6:30 p.m. Mr. Brickman distributed fliers and explained that proceeds will help two local ailing families, one a father w/ALS and another a student w/cancer, plus raise funds for seeing eye dogs. Last year, 170 chairs out, 200 attended; this year, goal is 250. Items still needed for auction; call Ira and he will pick up!

IX. The meeting was ADJOURNED at 8:40 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted, –Gail Lynch-Bailey, Secretary