On Tuesday, May 19, Longwood residents said yes to the budget, no to a transportation proposal, and yes to three incumbents on the Board of Education.

Voters in the Longwood Central School District approved the proposed 2009-2010 school budget of $203,600,000 with a vote of 1914 in favor and 1223 opposed.  A separate proposition to expand private school transportation from the current 15-mile radius to a 28-mile radius was defeated, 1256-2031.  In a four-way race for three BOE seats, voters chose the incumbents via these tallies: Maureen Silvestri – 2222; Daniel Tomaszewski – 2174; William Miller – 2150; and Helen Thebold – 1344.

The approved budget represents a spending increase of $5,300,000, or approximately 2.67% above the current year.  Had the budget been defeated, a contingency budget would have increased spending by $4,785,786, or about 2.41%