Those who signed in:  Gail Lynch-Bailey, Frank Bailey, Jack Stinton, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Lauren Reimers, James Goddard, Chris Hanley, Margaret Malloy, Betsey Martinez, Michael J. Lupinacci III, Kathy Liguori, Danny Lavardera, Barbara Shirreffs

I.  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited
II.  December 15, 2011 minutes were read and approved with correction to be made
III.  Treasurer’s Report was read
IV.  Correspondence – Thank you note from “Blessings R Us” for receiving food donation from our food drive, e- mail from President Talbot re: Great Brookhaven Cleanup to be on Sat. April 21st
V.  Reports of Committees and Officers -
Membership Drive/Dues Payments/Business Membership category now in effect.  Dues are to be collected by Membership Secy. Margaret Malloy

VI. Unfinished Business -

  • Sandy Hills:  President Talbot testified, Legislator Romaine withdrew protest, sewer extension granted
  • Artist Lake Plaza (Old K-Mart property) – TOB approved developer’s request for C&R postponement to March
  • Bartlett Pond Park:  New monument placement, reveg plan – awaiting PBC comments
  • Longwood Public Library – Update on proposed expansion, new sign usage
  • King Kullen:  Litter was cleaned up – Camera crew was there to take pictures of Lottery winners!
  • Adopt-Our-Families Christmas program – Margaret Malloy saw that gifts were distributed to Barbara Royce who in turn gave to needy family in area
  • Sign ordinance – Code has been clarified, amended to be  more easily understood.  Gail to meet with Councilwoman Kepert

VII. New Business -

  • Longwood Schools:  BOE sets Tuesday, March 6th for Bond Vote
  • Whiskey Road Roundabout – Signs of “progress” – update from B. Lenz, TOB Traffic
  • State of the Town Address by Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko:  New committees to be formed for various subjects
  • Nelin Property – (No Gas previously gas station) – Contact info 1671 Route 112 #1 Coram, NY 11727 (631) 928-2903 – nelinrealty.com, Michael@nelinrealty.com, ricky@nelinrealty.com.  Contact them with complaints
  • Attract businesses to our vacant spots; which ones would you like?  E-mail at above address
  • Need ideas for guest speakers, presentations – interested in financial/legal night?
  • Toyota Expansion

On a motion by Rich Kollar, group voted unanimously to invite Councilwoman Kepert to speak at our February meeting, to provide updates in Middle Island

VIII. Informal Discussion/Guest Speaker:  Special Presentation on Gang Awareness by Jill Porter, Suffolk County Probation Officer – Brochures distributed
IX. Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting:  February 16, 2012 – Formation of Nominating Committee
Respectfully submitted – Barbara Shirreffs, Rec/Corr Secy