Those who signed in:  Gail Lynch-Bailey, Frank Bailey, Margaret Malloy, Tom Talbot, Judy Talbot, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Barbara Shirreffs, Ira L. Siegel, Regina Biel, Danielle Courtois, Rich and Michelle Belsky, Danny Lavardera, Betsey Martinez, Roberta Schlagel, Suzanne Johnson, Erma Gluck, Larry Mazza,  Jennifer Gustafson (North Shore Sun)

I.  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
II.  June’s meeting minutes were read and approved.
III.  Treasurer’s report was presented – Savings – $2,710.43, Checking – $166.97
IV.  Unfinished Business
Ben’s Paint’s – Property being cleared
Law Department Complaints – President Tom Talbot pursuing on many fronts – I.e. Island Squire property, (no) Gas station
Bartlett Pond Park – Re-vegetation meeting held 9/8/11 at TOB, plan due 11/9 to PBC; new sign ordered and will be installed this month via grant from Sarah Anker to Alliance, Caithness paperwork signed for final monument to be dedicated June 16, 2012
Longwood Public Library – good turnout for “Green” library charrette on July 16, 2011; architectural firm selected by Board
Sandy Hills:  Approved again by TOB on 7/19 – new lawsuit filed again by Dick Amper on 8/15
Boy Scout Troop 433 – 52nd Eagle Scout, Andrew Stock – Court of Honor held August 19, 2011
Town of  Brookhaven Country Fair held at Longwood Estate, Sept. 10-11 – MICA there for both days
Community Crossroads signage project, Gail and Suzanne met with sign company

New Business
Middle Island Fire Department will host (renovation) “Open House”event on Saturday, Oct. 1st at the new fire station  – 12:00-3:00
Upcoming:  TOB’s Operation Clean Sweep in Middle Island – October
Proposed Bylaws Amendment to provide for MICA Business Membership – vote next month
Presentation – Sewer Capacity Study Including the MI Corridor – pamphlets distributed
Presenters – Suffolk County Department of Public works and Dr. Mary Anne Taylor of CDM – Question and Answers

Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Shirreffs, Rec/Cor Secretary