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Division of Water Quality Improvement, Brian Culhane, Commissioner

Do You Know…that Suffolk County Law 41-2007 prohibits fertilizer applications to lawns between November 1st and April 1st? Violators may be fined up to $1,000. This law was passed to reduce nitrogen pollution in our groundwater and surface waters caused by improper lawn fertilization.

On Long Island, we depend on our groundwater for drinking water.  But the nitrogen fertilizer we apply to our lawns – especially when the grass is dormant – can move down through the soil and pollute our aquifer.  Visit the Suffolk County Healthy Lawns – Clean Water website at:  It will help you manage your lawn and fertilizer usage to protect our groundwater – as well as our surface water bodies – from pollution due to lawn fertilizers, while still maintaining a healthy lawn.

The website provides information on:

  • Caring for you lawn
  • Seasonal Tips
  • Best Management Practices

Help “spread the word” about how we can have both healthy lawns and clean water when we follow best management lawn care practices.  On the website you can download the brochure to share with your family, friends and anyone in your community, so they will learn what they need to do to protect our water:  reduce fertilizer use, fertilize properly, and apply fertilizer at the right time.

The Healthy Lawns/Clean Water sign can be found at fertilizer retail locations throughout Suffolk County and serves as a visual reminder that we can all work together to protect our groundwater while caring for our lawns and landscapes.