Those who signed in:  Tom Talbot, Gail Lynch-Bailey, Betsey Martinez, Larry Mazza, Margaret Malloy, Barbara Shirreffs, Harold Bachmann, Jack Stinton, Fred Steinmann, Irene Steinmann, Betty Mahan, Robyn Eberhard-DeCilles, Judy Talbot, Suzanne Johnson, Rich Kollar, Paul Infranco, Josephy Cricchio, Michael J. LuPinacci, George Lymber, Chris Hanley

I.  Meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
II.  Reading of Minutes were read and approved.
II.  Treasurer’s Report – Savings $3,205.65 – Checking $151.92
IV.  Correspondence – e-mail was received by MICA with regard to support of Longwood budget – MICA does not traditionally take position, instead offers voter information only
V.  Election of Officers – President Tom Talbot, 1st Vice President Gail Lynch-Bailey, 2nd Vice President, Betsey Martinez, Treasurer Larry Mazza, Membership Secy Margaret Malloy, Recording/Corresponding  Secy Barbara Shirreffs

VI. President’s Report/Unfinished Business:

  • Wellington’s Fire – Harold Bachmann spoke about history of Wellington’s.  No plans to rebuild
  • MICA Board attended Birchwood Civic Meeting
  • Longwood SCD BOE “Citizens Speak” Forum 3/24 “Gang Awareness” Community
  • Roundtable at LMS on 3/26; budget adopted by BOE 4/14; public hearing 5/5
  • March 29, 2011 – Special Election of Suffolk County Leg., 6th district – Sara Anker wins
  • TOB Clean-Up, Sat. 4/16 – good NSS coverage – Certificate of Appreciation awards distributed to those who participated
  • Library Budget Vote and Trustee Election:  Budget approved, Chris Hanley re-elected.  Registration for charettes for Green Library June 11 and July 16 – Suzanne Johnson, Director of Longwood library spoke.
  • Sandy Hills court decision – TOB must re-do the re-zone vote and get a super majority
  • Carmans River Protection Plan – Public hearing on 3/29, 4/20 – integrated approach to both the Carmans River Watershed Protection and Management Plan and the Yaphank Lakes with Councilwoman Kepert and Dick Amper
  • Bartlett Pond Park – NSS articles, PBC “investigation” of clearing, vine removal by Longwood kids and parents on Clean-up Day; TOB Parks work continues
  • Lions Club Chinese Auction Fundraiser – May 6, 2011 – 6:30 p.m. – Old Coram Fire House

VII. New Business -

  • Longwood Day May 14th – MICA volunteers needed to staff table
  • School Budget Vote May 17 – 7:00a.m.-9:00 p.m. – 11953 – vote at WMI elementary
  • Relay for Life – May 21 – “paint the town purple” decoration program held at LHS
  • June 4th Plant In – need donations and volunteers
  • MICA Scholarships to LHS students in June – Community background for students to receive scholarship

VIII. Informal Discussion/Guest speaker – Gary Gentile, RLA spoke; “Saving Bartlett Pond Park” photo poster was explained; members suggested swings (esp for handicapped), oriental gazebo, scent garden, fountain, boulders for seating, community garden, irrigation, fencing etc. be included in restoration plan along w/ native  trees, shrubs and grasses.  Hiking path will be a feature.  Safety is key.  Any additional ideas, contact Gail Lynch-Bailey.

IX. Adjournment:  8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted – Barbara Shirreffs, Rec. Corresponding Secy.