David Ferrara and Dennis Meehan

Inspector David Ferrara and Deputy Inspector Dennis Meehan

Two of Suffolk County’s Finest served as guest speakers at the February MICA meeting.  Seventh Precinct Inspector David Ferrara  and Deputy Inspector Dennis Meehan of the Sixth Precinct updated members on recent crime trends and community outreach programs in our area.  Middle Island straddles two police precincts, with Route 21 (Rocky Point-Yaphank Road) the basic dividing line between the 6th and 7th districts.  Both men reported that although overall crime statistics are down, there has been a slight increase in residential burglaries and petit larcenies.  Their best advice: lock your cars and keep all tempting electronic items out of view or easy access.  The growing heroin epidemic among young people was also noted.  And yes, you CAN get a ticket for driving while cell-phone impaired!  Open community meetings are a regular event at both precincts, with seasonal ones at the 6th and monthly ones at the 7th.  SCPD also offers a citizens police academy and citizen ride-alongs — MICA members can’t wait to see Tom Talbot riding shotgun in a squad car!