TY for Taking Back 25 from Litter and Indifference

Kudos to all you MICAns who took part in Saturday, April 2nd’s cleanup event.  It was awesome.  We had a great turnout at the Home Depot in Coram, and more locally, along our west Middle Island stretch of MCR from the 7Eleven at Westfield Dive all the way to the old Kogel/Brodsky property.  Our partners at the MIFD had their vehicles out protecting us and they picked up a ton of litter along with the rest of you intrepid volunteers. The latest estimate is that over 7,000 lbs of trash was collected from our Main Street in three hours.  Now, about keeping it from coming back… we need signage, public education, increased fines and regular events like this one.  The Great Brookhaven Cleanup is set for Sat, May 14th Sign up at our April 21st MICA meeting for a location.