Following a series of probably related robberies and at the request of the owner, the Middle Island Civic Association established a Task Force for the Strathmore Commons (King Kullen) Shopping Center.  We held our first meeting on September 25.  In attendance were Island Associates’ Roger Delisle and Robert Monaghan, Heather Saladino of Golds Gym, Kristen Kranjc of All Island Pets, SCPD 7th Precinct COPE Officer Michael Casper and Executive Officer Eric D’Agostino, Councilman Mike Loguercio and Victoria Molloy, Leg, Sarah Anker and Mari Pryor, and MICA Officers Margaret Malloy, Barbara Shirreffs and Gail Lynch-Bailey.  We agreed on a number of tasks, listed below, several of which have been started.  Chief among these was the visit to the growing homeless camp in the front part of the center, just west of  the McDonalds in the pine trees.  SCPD contacted DSS and they jointly visited the camp, offering services and warning folks that they are trespassing.  Owner Roger Delisle had the pine trees limbed up, eliminating the hiding area the homeless were using.  The camp is now gone.  There is overnight private security and additional private undercover surveillance underway, as well as increased SC police presence there and patrol checks of the Preserve neighborhood and Wading River Hollow Rd.  If you see a cop doing paperwork in a patrol car there, don’t complain – we want that! Please continue to report problems of aggressive panhandling and seemingly unsafe individuals to the police, elected official and the civic.  NEVER give money to these people – you may make yourself feel good for the moment, but you are continuing the problem.  Contribute to reputable food banks, clothing drives and reliable charities instead.


SC 7th Precinct

When appropriate, update community on  investigation of multiple robberies

Offer outreach to homeless there  asap – 7th Precinct to contact DSS veterans expert Bill Palumbo

Increase police presence at shopping center via regular patrol checks per tour, have officers complete paperwork in parking lot for additional presence, ask CSU to visit, too

Expand patrol checks to “The Preserve” neighborhood and Wading River Hollow Rd

Not discussed but definitely consider:

Hold a “Coffee with a Cop” session at Gold’s Gym – maybe a “Protein Shake with a Cop” ?

Consider a monthly COPE event there, like the ones done  at Sky Zone in Mt Sinai w/6th Precinct

Island Associates and Tenants

Limb up pine trees in front parcel near Woodville Road to prevent homeless gathering there

Remove shopping carts and debris left by homeless

Report observations of drug dealing to 631-652-NARC each and every time, with times, cars, plates, etc.

Execute affidavits of trespass every time it is warranted to remove  unwanted individuals

Consider a Neighborhood Watch program for business operators in center using a Group Me app; civic’s Watch Captains can advise on this; take photos when safe to do so to forward to police

Increase signage about video surveillance, no loitering, and concern for shoppers’ safety

Continue overnight private security and additional private undercover surveillance; forward info to police

MI Civic Association

Promote/participate in Oct 21 Bartktoberfest and future community events at shopping center

Develop a safe/responsible shoppers guide to discourage people from giving money/goods to panhandlers  – a simple business card would work, with outreach numbers and local charities listed

Update community on recent meeting, action steps; promote local shopping; work on signage at entrances

Leg Anker

Investigate Operation SHIELD to link cameras from center to police

Continue monitoring for homeless camps; promote/attend local business events

Councilman Loguercio

Investigate increased lighting along Rt 25 – NY DOT road, but TOB may have jurisdiction

Continue monitoring for homeless camps; promote/attend local business events


Pursue an effective and GOOD Chamber of Commerce!