We mentioned the POSSIBLE sightings of two coyotes in Middle Island at our January meeting, and that we were awaiting better confirmation from the DEC.  Since then, both News12 and Newsday have covered the story of this possibility.  At least the Newsday story identified where the photo was taken, on New Year’s on Swezey Lane.    We will be hosting  Frank Vincenti at our April 20 MICA meeting.  Frank is from the Wild Dog Association and is very knowledgeable on the subject of coyotes, foxes , etc.;he has presented at LPL before.  Frank has been through Middle Island several times since the reported sighting and has found no evidence of coyotes, but the investigation is ongoing.  Tim Green, quoted in the Newsday article, is a Middle Island resident who works at BNL and has also spoken at MICA meetings.   Both men are trusted experts who will keep us informed.


Please read the following information from the DEC about coyotes.  If you think you see a coyote, call the local DEC Wildlife Office  at 631-444-0310




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