Bald Eagle at Artist Lake

Pretty sure this feathered friend is looking over at the Old Kmart and saying,” Wilbur Breslin, tear down those walls!” This Bald Eagle (yes, a beloved real-life version of our nation’s symbol!) has been fishing at Artist Lake for about a week.  We spotted him high in a tree; others have photographed him on lake …

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MulchMare Aerials Reveal Dangerous Proximity to MI Homes


These recent aerials reveal the massive amounts of stenchful, smouldering debris on the residentially-zoned site at 132 Swezey Drive South in Middle Island. Clearly the photos depict the facility’s dangerously close proximity to long-standing private single-family homes to the north, west and east, as well as to the Strathmore at Spring Lake complex to the …

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January 15th MICA Meeting Reminder

Middle Island Civic Association Meeting Notice Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at 7:00PM   · Our next MICA meeting will be held on Thursday, January 15th, at the Middle Island Fire Department HQ on Arnold Drive at 7:00 pm. · Our guest speaker will be Town of Brookhaven  Supervisor Edward Romaine. Supervisor Romaine will discuss a number of …

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MulchMare Owners Defy TOB, Install Illegal Sign

The unmitigated gall of the soul-less owners/operators of the illegal MulchMare at 132 Swezey Drive is now obvious for all to see along MCR. They installed this illegal sign even after the Town of Brookhaven issued a Stop Work Order to them on Tuesday December 29th. They have no permit for the sign, just as …

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Illegal Sign Stopped at MulchMare Entrance


MICA continues to press for action against the illegal mulch operation at 132 Swezey Drive South. When residents noticed a sign footing being constructed at the entrance to the “private” unpaved roadway frequented by all those debris-laden landscapers’ trucks, we notified the Town of Brookhaven. A law investigator and a building inspector visited the site …

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MICA “Adopts” Ridge Rest Home for Holidays


This year the Middle Island Civic Association “adopted” the Ridge Rest Home for its Holiday Outreach.  Members purchased and donated funds for much needed basic clothing items, such as socks, underwear and warm shirts, and MICA also donated 500 personal-sized soap bars and 300 disposable razors. Members also made individual toiletry gift bags. We gathered …

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